Dear saints, family and friends,

Thank you for visiting our wedding registry. We feel so blessed that we have the love and support of so many at this time in our lives. We're glad to share with you all the happiness and joy of what the Lord has done to bring us together!

Many of you have generously asked if there’s anything we’d like as we take this big marriage step, the truth is, we’ve got most everything we need when it comes to traditional household things. What we would really like is not available in a regular store. What's really on our heart is to pay off our student loans, save up money to migrate for the Lord's move on this earth, and somewhere in there a honeymoon would be nice. =D 

We hope this registry would be found useful by all our guests. Our favorite gift, of course would be your presence, but if you would like to get us something, we'd be very thankful for your help through this registry.

Thank you for all the care and support for both of us throughout all these years and most of all thank you for all your prayers! Please continue to pray for us that we would grow in Christ as we endeavor on in this next stage in life. 

Looking forward to seeing you on July 19th! Please sign our guest book to let us know you stopped by :)


Much love,

Theo and Jin


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